Commodore Perry founded Phi Kappa Psi at Iowa because he saw the need for a truly philanthropic organization post-Civil War.

In the 1930s, despite all his other noble endeavors, Nile Kinnick saw Phi Psi a great organization worthy of his time.

Today we have over 1,200 living alumni, hundreds of whom came to Iowa City for our last alumni reunion, and are always looking to help their brothers! 


Founded as a philanthropic fraternity our motto is,

"The Great Joy of Serving Others."

History of Giving

  • Founded a Boys and Girls Club in Iowa City

  • Volunteered thousands of hours for Boys and Girls Club

  • In 2016 w raised over $80,000 for Boys and Girls Club

  • In 2016 we raised $71,091 for Dance Marathon, which was more than the next four chapters combined


We didn't get to be the largest social fraternity on campus without also having the most fun.

Organized Social Events

  • Social with a sorority every Thursday

  • Brotherhood trips to minor league baseball & hockey games

  • Intramural sports

  • Pledge Class dinners

  • Game Watches (Chicago, Des Moines, Kansas City, Minneapolis)

  • In 2016 National Fraternity events were held in Florida, NYC 

Beyond these organized events, smaller groups of our 140+ members are always doing something together.

Without a doubt the nicest fraternity house on campus.  It is a privilege for the 40-45 members that live in each year!



We recruit men who understand college is primarily about getting a great education.  


This approach has led to Phi Psi having the highest average GPA for the last two decades, with rare exception.

The Spring of 2017 our average GPA was 3.235.

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