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Member Expectations


Whenever you join an organization, you are expected to give a reasonable amount of time to it..


Required Activities 

  • Chapter meeting: 1 hour on Sunday evening

  • New Member Education: 1 hour before chapter meeting (first 5 weeks of the semester)

  • Rituals and Initiation: 1-3 hours each (3 rituals, 1 initiation per semester)

  • Philanthropy: event attendance (1 per semester)

These are the minimum obligations, but there are many opportunities to give more, and get more out of the fraternity.






$8,722/ yr

Live-Out Member

Live-In Member

Dorm(For Comparison)

Amenities included for live-in members:

  • Breakfast food

  • Snacks

  • Dinner Monday-Thursday

  • Pool Table

  • Wifi









  • Parking (chosen by seniority)

  • Free laundry

  • Utilities

  • Cable TV

  • Basketball Court



We don't want finances to stop any worthy candidate from joining our great fraternity. There are scholarship opportunities, and we will work with each member individually if needed.

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