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  1. President

  2. Vice President

  3. Treasurer

  4. Corresponding Secretary

  5. Recording Secretary

  6. Philanthropy Chair

The Executive Board

7.    Community Service Chair

8.    Risk Manager

9.    Scholarship Chair

10.  House Manager

11.  Social Chair

12.  Alumni Relations Chair

This group works with University employees, plans events, raises money, manages a budget of over $500,000, and much more.


When you live, study, and relax with people, you get to know them pretty well.  Living in the fraternity house gives you life-long friends.

The relationships you build with your pledge brothers will last forever.  These guys will be the men to stand up in your wedding and the first you call when life gets tough.

Everyone joins for the brotherhood, and it's worth it.



We have the best alumni network in the country.

In 2016 we hired a full-time employee to strengthen our alumni network. There is not a single fraternity chapter in the world that is doing what we're doing.

We have 1,200+ living alumni who work across the country in almost every industry and enjoy helping Phi Psis occupationally. 


Our alumni are:​​​

  • Chief Executives

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Investment Bankers

  • Employees at Amazon and Twitter

  • Medical Sales Representatives

  • Government Employees

  • Doctors of every kind

  • Attorneys of every kind

  • Judges

  • Helicopter Pilots

  • Manufacturers

  • Accountants

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