Time Commitment

  • Chapter meeting: ~1 hour on Sunday evening

  • New Member Education: 5 weeks of 1 hour meetings, before chapter meeting on Sunday

  • 3 Rituals and initiation: These happen every semester, and are between 1-3 hours

As with any group, the more you put in, the more you will get out.  With ~150 members, there is always something going on!


Annual Dues

​Room and Board​


Live-Out Member




Live-In Member


$5,820/ school year




$8,722/ school year


Members living in the house have breakfast food, snacks, dinner Monday-Thursday, parking (chosen by seniority), laundry, and utilities included in their payments outlined above.

We award $5,000+ annually in scholarships to brothers who have financial need and apply for help.  In 2015 & 2016 everyone who applied was awarded a scholarship between $250-$1,500.

Time Commitment & Cost

While we do recruit year-round roughly 90% of our members join through the Kinnick Scholarship or Fall Recruitment.  ​Learn what you can from our website, and then follow these next steps!

  1. Apply for the Kinnick Scholarship

  2. Register for Fall Recruitment

  3. Contact our Recruitment Chair, Parker Howe.

Next Steps